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Upper Westside - Lincoln Center    

Barcibo Enoteca

2020 Broadway (69th Street)
New York, New York 10024
Phone: 212 595-2805

On first look, Barcibo Enoteca, looks simply like an upscale wine bar. The lighting is soft; tables are high with benches and stools to sit on; and dozens of bottles are prominently displayed.

Take a look at the menu, though, and you realize you are in an establishment that not only takes its wine seriously but its food as well.

Even more of a plus - its location makes it an ideal spot for a before or after Lincoln Center concert or event casual meal in an area where choices are more commonly confined to fast food type diners or white tablecloth restaurants.

The menu features small plates - Italian tapas style - but each serving is generous and more than ample to share. Bacala Crostini are generous slabs of excellent bread slathered with a tasty mix of salt cod, white beans and calamata olives . An order of sardines contains two carefully marinated plump fish with a small arugula and tomato salad on the side. A dollop of white beans absorbs the sauce. Marinated pulpo (octopus) and calamari salad glistens with freshness and sweet sausages are accompanied by a generous portion of broccoli rape and perfectly cooked gigante beans. It being a wine bar, there are many well priced wines by the glass including a nice dry Vermentino and a refreshing Arneis. Yes, the place can get a little loud and service a bit rushed. But the staff is consistently friendly and warm.

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Jan Greenberg lives in New York City. She writes about food and travel for magazines including National Culinary Review, Food Arts, Gastronomica and Time Out NY.

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