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Romance Is In the Air In New York City

Sky High Romance

The traditional top of the Empire State Building located at 350 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street (212-736-3100) is perhaps New York’s City’s most famous romantic spot. With its stunning views and storied history, it’s easy to see why the legendary skyscraper has been a favorite.

But, just north of the Empire State Building the Top of the Rock located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza (212-698-2000) has its charms as well. This observation deck atop the 70-story Rockefeller Center building offers breathtaking 360-degree views, including a stunning view of the Empire State Building.

For another view of New York City, the Roosevelt Island Tramway takes passengers 250 feet above the East River on its way to and from Roosevelt Island. It starts at 59th Street & Second Avenue Station.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

If grass and trees is more your idea of appropriate Valentine's Day locale, New York City offers a handsome cab ride through Central Park. Who could resist snuggling up in the back of a plush horse-drawn carriage while you enjoy the magic of Central Park? Handsome cabs can be picked up along Central Park South year round. Check the area at 59th Street (Central Park South) at 5th Avenue.

Grand Central Terminal Whispering Gallery

I've often read about this romantic spot. After having visited it, however, I can't really recommend it. Yes, it's true you can whisper sweet nothings into a corner and your love will hear your message at the other end. But you can't actually whisper -- you have to use a regular indoor voice. And you pretty much have to have your lips almost up against the tile. Similarly, your beloved has to have his/her ear very close to the wall as well. It is a cool effect and if you want to experience it, absolutely go there. But think of it more as a science experiment than a way to whisper in your lover's ear. It's near Oyster Bar & Restaurant.

The Gardens

In a city of concrete, there are beautiful green spaces beckoning for romance. One of the most romantic (and lovely spaces in New York City), Central Park offers perfect places to kiss. But the botanical gardens in all the boroughs, from Queens to Staten Island (and of course, the Bronx and Brooklyn's gorgeous oasis delight with lush greenery, a profusion of blooms and opportunities for hand-holding and stolen kisses.

Battery Park

At the southern tip of Manhattan, you can stand by the water and watch the Statue of Liberty, the ferries and the sunset. There's also a full program of summer concerts.

Romantic Dining

There's no shortage of lists of expensive restaurants called romantic, but there's something to be said for strolling the streets of Manhattan and "stumbling" upon a place to eat that just calls to you. You can assist this process finding a New York City restaurant that sounds appealing, and then suggesting a little walk through the neighboring streets.

Charming B & Bs

New York City offers a charming alternative to hotels with its small inns and B& Bs. What could be more romantic that a fireplace, a big comfy bed after an evening on the town.

Romance in Museums

Get in the mood with a visit to Hotel Mount Vernon Hotel Museum, one of the seven oldest buildings in Manhattan. Take a guided tour through their eight fully furnished period rooms and beautiful garden. Constructed in 1799 as a carriage house and converted into a hotel in 1826.
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