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Bicycling and Greenways

Why Greenways?

A greenway is a linear open space, such as a path or trail, linking parks and communities around the City and open up green spaces and the waterfront. They are great places for walking, jogging, biking, and in-line skating. Greenways offer trails to get to work or school, shop or do errands, or to reach the waterfront, parks, beaches, and museums. >

The City of New York Currently Parks has built over 100 miles of the proposed 350 mile-greenway system.

Mountain Biking

Parks has partnered with the New York City Mountain Bike Association in Manhattan and Concerned Long Island Mountain Bikers in Queens to open mountain biking-specific trails in Highbridge Park (Manhattan) and Cunningham Park (Queens).

These trails are designed to maximize the thrill and enjoyment for mountain bikers while being respectful of the parks' natural environment and other park users.

Both Highbridge and Cunningham Parks offer advanced terrain for mountain bike and BMX dirt jumpers, with large and small jump lines as well as pump tracks. In addition, Highbridge offers a freeride trail, riddled with drops, berms, and steep lines that snakes down Fort George Hill's 150 feet of vert (vertical elevation).

Biking Map of Cunningham Park

Biking Map of Highbridge Trail

Find Greenways and maps for places near you at: NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation - Greenway Maps & Publications

Based on information from New York City Parks

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