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So You Think You Know Brooklyn

New York City is well known around the world, from Times Square to Central Park and the Empire State Building. However, over recent months, the borough of Brooklyn has gained more popularity, with the shoreline “come-back” after Hurricane Sandy boosting tourism to the entire area.

From the beaches and the famous boardwalk, to Luna Park re-storing the historic B&B Carousell and Parachute Jump, to trendy Williamsburg and Bushwick , the setting for shows like Girls and How To Make It In America, exploring the borough is becoming a must on all itineraries.

Also, with the new hop on/hop off CitySights NY Brooklyn tour, both locals and tourists alike can bypass and explore so many of the landmarks that make Brooklyn so diverse and interesting.

Just how well do you know Brooklyn?

David Chien, the Marketing Director of CitySights NY, can offer fun and informative trivia and facts on Brooklyn, challenging even the most veteran Brooklyn-ites. Sample trivia facts from David Chien include:
  • Brooklyn has approximately 2.5 million residents, which means if it were to be separated from the rest of New York City, Brooklyn would become the 4th most populous U.S. city.
  • Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States and was the world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge.
  • Brooklyn has roughly 700 arts and cultural institutions.
  • Brooklyn had a major league baseball team (The Brooklyn Dodgers) up until the 1950s when they moved to Los Angeles. These days locals can enjoy a game at Coney Island with the popular Cyclones softball team.
  • The Cyclone, a hybrid roller coaster at Coney Island, has been entertaining thrill seekers for over 85 years. It was named a New York City landmark in 1988 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.
  • Some things invented in Brooklyn include the deep-fried Twinkie, sweet & low, teddy bears, America’s first roller coaster and in 1946 the first bank credit card was used at Flatbush National Bank.
  • The original Nathan’s also known as Nathan’s Famous, was opened in 1916 as a hot dog stand by Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker. The menu at this Brooklyn landmark offers many more than hot dogs and cheese fries. Visitors can such original menu items as frogs legs and beer.
  • Nicknamed “Little Poland”, the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn has the second largest concentration of Polish immigrants outside of Chicago.
  • Serving up pies since the 1940s, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is a “no slices” restaurant located under the Brooklyn Bridge. Oh, yes, and in New York, pizza is also just called a pie.

  • Brooklyn was originally its own separate city. It was not until the turn of the nineteenth century that Brooklyn merged with the City of New York. Many Brooklyn residents called the move “the Great Mistake of 1898.
So, how many of these Brooklyn facts did you know?
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