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Fulton Ferry Landing
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-624-2083
Starting out as a working barge, Its broad sides were painted somber railroad green but declared its mission in stark white. Moored now at Fulton Ferry Landing it's Brooklyn's only floating music site. Check for hours and programs.

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)
30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 718-636-4100
BAM is one of NYC's most famous performing arts venues, known particularly for innovative music, dance and drama. Plus films at the BAM Rose Cinemas. Its new program Dinner and a Reading offers food, wine, and literature in the form of a best-selling author to BAMcafé each month for an intimate evening experience.

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Dock and Water Streets

12 acres, and growing, of waterfront park right by the Brooklyn Bridge (). It's a park, event venue, and more with spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. Of particular architectural interest is the Tobacco Warehouse. Constructed in the 1870s as a tobacco customs inspection center, and saved from demolition in 1998, the roofless rooms of the Tobacco Warehouse provide one of the most compelling public spaces in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
1000 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225
Phone: 718-623-7200

Acclaimed as one of New York City's natural wonders, there's 52 acres of display gardens, indoor conservatory, and events for all ages.

Brooklyn Brewery
79 North 11th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: 718-486-7422
On Saturdays, they offer free guided tours of the Brewery. There is no charge for the tour and reservations are not required. You also receive one free tasting for joining the tour. Tours typically last 20-30 minutes and questions are welcomed. You can also buy the beer. And anyway, who could resist drinking a beer in Brooklyn from the Brooklyn Brewery.

Brooklyn Children's Museum
145 Brooklyn Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11213
Phone: 718-735-4400
Founded in 1899, this hands-on museum focuses on science and culture.

Brooklyn Historical Society
128 Pierrepont Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-222-4111
Visitors to the newly renovated historic building can enjoy four floors of exhibits and programs including performances, readings, lectures, & activities for children.

Brooklyn Cyclones
KeySpan Park
1904 Surf Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11224
Phone: 718/449-8497

Professional baseball team, affiliate of the New York Mets, playing at KeySpan Park in Coney Island.

Brooklyn Museum of Art
200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: 718-638-5000
Art from ancient Egypt to more contemporary. First Saturdays return to the Brooklyn Museum -- free art and entertainment programs. Visit Brooklyn Museum for more information. Read Maureen Littlejohn's Brooklyn Chronicles for more information on this local treasure.

The City Reliquary Museum
370 Metropolitan Avenue at Havemeyer Street
The City Reliquary Museum, once a unique window museum (you don't actually go inside, you explored the exhibit by strolling along and looking thoughtfully at the window displays), its popularity has turned it into a storefront museum. Even more room to showcase odd and intriguing artifacts and entice passersby to learn more about the rich history of the area. Plus sidewalk receptions to celebrate new displays and offer people of the neighborhood a chance to know one another better. Take a bit of time to visit. Admission price is 50 cents. Who could resist?

Now there are more reasons than ever to visit Coney Island and Luna Park. Coney Island: New York City's Beloved Amusement Park
Let the Water Mania Begin Water Mania made its world premiere at Luna Park. It’s one of the largest capacity rides in Coney Island, featuring 12 four-seater cars, offering a total 48-passenger capacity. As the first ride of its kind, Water Mania is reminiscent of dueling tea-cups, with each passenger seated in front of a water blaster. This attraction will also feature interactive cannons for non-riders to soak friends and family who are on the ride.

Steeplechase Plaza, Carousels and More But there’s more ... the grand opening of the new Steeplechase Plaza, a two-acre public open space, features the restored B&B Carousell in a state-of-the-art pavilion. Steeplechase Plaza, located between West 16th Street and West 19th Street, sits in the footprint of the landmarked Parachute Jump and across from the historic Steeplechase Pier and is a 2.2acre open public plaza

B&B Carousell Built in 1906, the carousel (historically spelled with two “Ls” likely due to the spelling used by the carousel’s original manufacturer) features fifty handcarved wooden horses, that have been meticulously restored over the last six years. Besides the 36 jumpers (upanddown movement), there are 14 standers (stationary), as well as two chariots and the striking “Lincoln’s head” horse, covered in bold silver armor. The carousel also features the Gebruder Bruder “Elite Orchestra Apollo” band organ (likely constructed between 1913 and 1916), one of only three existing in the United States.

The carousel operated on Surf Avenue for seventy years until it was nearly sold in pieces at an auction in 2005. The City of New York instead purchased the carousel to preserve this important piece of Coney Island’s history and restore it to its former glory. A team of carousel restoration experts and art conservators – from Carousels & Carvings Inc. and Intermuseum Conservation Association – diligently restored the carousel to its original condition, including a new, customcarved wheelchairaccessible chariot.

Light it Up As if the summer, 2013 season, the lights of New York’s famous skyline will be extended all the way down to Luna Park, as the historic Parachute Jump will be getting a makeover using eco-friendly LED lights. Luna Park will deploy 8,000 color changing LED lights across its 270 foot-tall Parachute Jump attraction that will be fully-programmable for a variety of “shows” that can be customized to certain music for special events.

    Deno's Wonder Wheel Park
    1025 Boardwalk
    Brooklyn, NY 11224
    Phone: 718 372-2592
    Includes kiddie rides and thrill rides including the landmark Wonder Wheel.

    Coney Island Museum
    1208 Surf Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11224
    Phone: 718 372 5159

    Located in a historic building the museum-in-process offers Coney Island antiques and memorabilia, and a view of landmark rides like the Cyclone Rollercoaster, the Wonder Wheel and the Parachute Jump. Exhibits are not yet finished or labeled with any historic overview but for 99 cent admission price, they suggest you come take a look. The museum is currently open on Saturdays and Sundays, year round, from noon to 5pm.

    Astroland Amusement Park
    1000 Surf Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11224
    Phone: 718-265-2100
    Thrill rides abound, including the world famous Cyclone Roller Coaster. Located on the beach and boardwalk of Coney Island.

Floyd Bennett Field
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: 718-338-3799
Named for the pilot who had flown Admiral Richgard E. Byrd over the North Pole in 1926, the airport opened in 1931 and saw such famous pilots as Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes. Today Floyd Bennett Field is preserved by the National Park Service as part of Gateway National Recreation Area. In Hangar B, volunteers work restoring vintage aircraft that once flew from the field. The Floyd Bennett Field administration building is now the Ryan Visitor Center, open daily. The public is welcome to observe the Historic Aircraft Restoration Project--the restoration of 12 aircraft in Hangar B. Visitors who tour the airfield can learn about its story: its defense of the nation during World War II as it guarded ships leaving New York Harbor. While the Intrepid is undergoing renovation in NJ, the Concorde SST is on display by Aviator Sports on the grounds of Floyd Bennett. For more information visit NPS-Floyd Bennett Field. Also at the field is Aviator Sports.

Green-Wood Cemetery
500 25th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232
Phone: 718-788-7850

Tour the final resting places of some of New York's most famous and infamous. at this 1838 landmark. Among them are Leonard Bernstein, Samuel Morse, F.A.O Schwartz, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Charles Tiffany, and "Boss" Tweed. Guided, and self-guided tours.

Jewish Children's Museum
792 Eastern Parkway

Features interactive exhibitions and educational programming -- exhibits include Exploring Jewish Life and the 6 Days of Creation; Shabbat, Jewish Holidays, role-playing in the Kosher Supermarket, and Kosher Kitchen, World of Good (fundamental good deeds that are universal to people of all faiths yet are grounded in biblical teachings, including honoring parents and teachers, faith, charity, visiting the sick, watching one’s speech, and respecting animals and resources).

New York Aquarium
West 8th Street @ Surf Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11224
phone 718-265-FISH
More than 300 species, 8,000 animals, 14 acres, daily sea lion shows, up-close walrus encounters. It's the New York Aquarium where the City meets the Sea. It's mission is to save wildlife and wild places around the globe through their programs. The Aquarium offers diversity, superb viewing, and world-renowned scientific expertise. Learn about animals living as far away as the Southwest coast of Africa and the Arctic to those found locally in our own Hudson River.

The New York Transit Museum
Boerum Place & Schermerhorn Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718 694-1600
One of New York's best known features is the subway system. The museum fittingly is in a 1930s subway station with vintage railway cars and transit exhibitions.

The Puppetworks, Inc.
338 Sixth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215-3403
Phone: 718-965-3391
Puppets! And the home of traditional marionette theatre.

Phone: 718-625-3685

We have a weakness for art glass, handcrafted creations that capture translucent beauty. We have even been known to become quite lyrical. Well, UrbanGlass is one of those places. And, they offer UrbanGlass Open House Sundays with free tours of the facility and gallery. You can even watch live glassblowing, casting and beadmaking demonstrations by artists.

U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Hamilton
101st Street, Bay Ridge
Brooklyn, NY 11252
Phone: 718 630-4721

Only active-duty Army post in the NY metro area; offers activities for active uniformed service personnel. Home to the Harbor Defense Museum New York City's only U.S. Army museum. Call 718 630-4349 for more information.

Weeksville in Bedford-Stuyvesant
1698 - 1708 Bergen Street
(Between Buffalo & Rochester Avenues)
Brooklyn, New York
Phone: 718-623-0600

Historic Weeksville was a nineteenth century community named for James Weeks, an African American who purchased land there in 1838 from Henry C. Thompson (another free African-American). Weeksville was "rediscovered" in 1968 when ann oddly situated lane with a few small wood frame farmhouses were spotted from the air during a plane flight over the area. The lane, located on Bergen St. between Buffalo and Rochester Avenues, turned out to be a portion of the old colonial Hunterfly Road, located at the eastern edge of the 19th Century Weeksville settlement. The houses have been restored by the Weeksville Society's own professional restoration team, utilizing master craftsmen and trainees from the local community. Today, the Weeksville Society maintains a 12,400 square foot site, including the Hunterfly Houses and an open grass area in the front. Group tours are available.

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