Staten Island

Timeshare Accomodations
While there are many fine hotels in the area, New York Timeshares may offer some of the more exclusive places to stay. Hilton timeshare resales can be found at 1335 Avenue of the Americas and 102-108 West 57th Street in New York

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What's Happening in NYC

Food Fun

Taste what's cooking at the Ninth Avenue Food Festival where restaurants and outdoor vendors serve up food to suit every taste. The 20-block gastronomic extravaganza features cuisine from around the world. Hey, New York is a multi-ethnic melting pot. May 14th and 15th, 2016 Read more at Ninth Avenue Food Festival

New York Loves a Parade

For total over-the-top fun, little can match the 34th Annual Mermaid Parade on Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 1pm. More information Mermaid Parade

The 2016 annual Pride celebration which takes place from June 19 -- 26. This year’s NYC Pride theme is Equality Needs You Read more at

Don't Hold Your Breath for the New York Wheel

The Wheel is still a year away from turning, but millions keep on burning in cost overruns. Read more at Wheel Over Budget
. But at least it's kinda under construction.

Brooklyn Trivia

Think you know Brooklyn? Read on and see... Facts About Brooklyn You May or May Not Know!

Check out Free New York City Attractions

Think you can't get something for free in New York City? Here are some of the wonderful and free tours and attractions available in New York City.
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